If you have Amazon's Automatic VAT Calculation Service enabled on your Amazon seller account, then you can map a VAT service item so that we'll separate the VAT that Amazon collects into a separate account.

If you have VAT Calculation Service enabled, Amazon will show the item price and the VAT on the invoice:

Item A: £100
VAT: £20

If it's not enabled, Amazon will display the combined price:

Item A: £120

You can map which service item to use for VAT on SellerZen through the Taxes tab:

In the example below, we've created a service item called Amazon UK VAT and linked to an account called Amazon UK VAT.

If Amazon separates VAT, then you'll see all VAT collected in the account you specified for the service item (£100 to sales and £20 to Amazon UK VAT). Otherwise, you'll receive the total amount (£120) to sales.

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