Your QuickBooks account may contain duplicate vendor expense documents for FBM transactions due to a QuickBooks Online API bug that returned an error but still generated the vendor expense document during the API downtime.

To determine if your QuickBooks has these duplicate transactions, you can view the Expenses under the Expense tab on the left of your QuickBooks homepage. 

Then filter by Expense for the affected date period. For this article, we selected May 1, 2019 to May 31, 2019.

Click on the gear icon at the top right to include the “Memo” field to show the order IDs.

Make sure to select the Memo box and deselect other boxes like "No." if not used. This makes for easier viewing.

Once you have this list, sort by Total to easily search for duplicated transactions.

If you find duplicated transactions, click on the document to confirm that both expense documents are the same.

You can safely delete or void any duplicate transactions.

If you want us to handle this for you, please email us a list of the Order IDs and copy and paste the URL that includes the txnid. 

You can copy and paste the URL once you click on the Expense document.

Send us the list by starting a chat with us on our website or to

Example below:

Order ID 123-4567890-1234567

Order ID 000-1234567-8901234

We'll let you know once we process your transactions.

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