Amazon marks some shipping information as confidential for some orders. 

SellerZen can't import these orders without a shipping address. Without a ship to or shipping address, QuickBooks Online won't be able to properly adjust sales tax liability accounts.

While the address may be hidden on your Order Management page, you can still find the shipping address through Transaction View on Amazon. 

Search the Order ID to find the shipping address for a single transaction

Go to Reports > Payments > Transaction View and Search for a transaction. You can find the Order ID on the SellerZen Dashboard or through the email we sent.

Copy and paste the Order ID into the search field. Click on the amount under the Total column to get the shipping information.

Once you have the shipping address, you can enter the information through SellerZen. 

If you manually create the invoice, make sure to mark it as manually processed on SellerZen.

Download a report for a certain date range to see all orders

If you have multiple orders with this issue, you can also download the All Orders report from Reports > Fulfillment. Select Download and then Exact dates. Enter the range to download the report.

Once you have the report, open it and search for the order ID to find the shipping information.

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