If you have a pending settlement import, then you'll have to make sure all of your orders have been correctly imported before you Retry Import on the settlement.

You should be able to see any issues on the Home page.

Click on the "View issue take take action" link to see what's preventing the import of those orders. Correct those issues, like adding the proper Marketplace Tax or inventory item (if it's missing).

Then either select the orders individually or filter by failed orders and click on "Retry Import For All." If the orders are successfully imported, then you can retry the import for the settlement.

If all your orders and transactions are good, then you may have to request settlement reports from Amazon.

If there are no pending or failed transactions, then we'll create the settlement transaction as soon as the settlement is available except for the actual bank deposit document. 

We'll create that on the actual deposit date. That's usually a few days after the settlement period ends.

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