Under the Orders link on the left navigation menu, you may have noticed that some of your Amazon orders have a red "X" icon. Or you may have received a warning message regarding failed imports.

Move your mouse icon over the red X to see why the transaction failed import.

Feel free to email us at info@sellerzen.com or start a chat with us through our website if you need help with any failed imports.

One common reason why orders fail is because of missing inventory items. If this is the case, read below to fix the issue.

To resume import, create the proper Inventory item. 

If you've changed the inventory name recently in QuickBooks Online, you'll have to update or remap the Amazon SKU to your new Inventory item.

You can then click on the order on our platform and "Retry Import."

You can also retry some or all of the failed items. Simply select the orders that you want to retry, or select Retry All to retry all of the data import once you've filtered by Import Failed orders.

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