Under Settlement, you'll find three fields: your Bank account for Amazon deposits and the default income and expense accounts for non-order income and expenses that occur on the settlement.

Some of these non-order income and expenses include Amazon reimbursements for warehouse damaged inventory and FBA storage fees.

All miscellaneous settlement income from Amazon that isn't already mapped will go into the Default Other Income Account. This may include transactions from reimbursements. 

All miscellaneous settlement expenses from Amazon that are not already mapped will go into the Default Other Fee Account. These expenses can include your subscription fees.

Your Current Reserve Amount and Previous Reserve Amount are mapped to your Undeposited Funds account by default so that your Undeposited Funds account will reflect your current seller balance on Amazon. 

We recommend that you map your current reserve and previous reserve to the account you've chosen for your Undeposited Funds.

If you didn't map the Inbound Transportation Fee or Storage Fee, you'll find these automatically mapped to your Default Expense Account.

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