If you are missing a settlement report on SellerZen, it's because the statement report that we need is missing from Amazon. This sometimes happens with statements that are older than 90 days. 

For us to be able to import the missing statement, you'll first have to request the report in your Amazon statement history.

You can request any missing report by going to Reports > Payments and then clicking on the "All Statements" tab to view your statement reports. 

Find the settlement that is missing, and click on the "Request Report" button.

Once the report appears, our service will import the data. This process can take upwards 5 minutes.

Some Amazon accounts may be missing the XML file we require to import settlements.

If you only have the "View Summary" and "Download Flat File" buttons, then you'll have to request the XML file from Seller Support.

Here's a template you can use:

“Hi, I need the XML file for my settlements to be available for the following report periods: Jan 1 - Jan 2, 2018, (any other periods), and for all future reports.”

You should see this image next to your settlements:

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